Goodies Against The Grain

She’s won numerous prizes for her paleo food blog, she gives talks to hundreds of people, and she’s now writing a book. And Sadie Radinsky is only 16… 

Standing tall at 5ft 11in and still growing, Sadie Radinsky has no plans to become a basketball player or model. Going against the grain, the successful business owner, blogger and baker founded Goodies Against The Grain at the age of just 12, creating and sharing delicious, gluten-free, paleo recipes.


Whilst most teenagers are lapping up the LA sunshine, trying to find the best lighting for that perfect selfie or meeting up at the mall to hang out with their friends in their spare time, Sadie - now 16 - is no ordinary teenager.


US-based Sadie’s free time consists of keeping track of business dealings with companies, developing new recipes, and deciding how she wants to present them to the public. She’s also writing her new book in between telephone meetings with her literary agent.

Paleo pancakes topped with cashew butter and blueberry compote

Transitioning to a gluten-free diet at age nine, Sadie’s health journey began when sudden stomach aches, nausea and fatigue took a hold on her life. Missing almost six months of school, the extent of Sadie’s daily activities included walking from the bed to the couch.


“She went from an energetic young girl, to being weak and in pain everyday,” said mum, Kelly Radinsky, who runs her own photography business in the town of Topanga, California.


Kelly consulted with numerous doctors whilst Sadie endured many tests and dietary changes, but doctors denied gluten was the problem. No diagnosis could be given, leaving both Kelly and Sadie scared and confused.


But the power of a mother’s intuition never fails.


“I really believed it was diet-related, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to eliminate gluten,” said Kelly.


After two months of eating a gluten-free, things made a dramatic shift for Sadie.


“All of my stomach aches, nausea and fatigue went away. I suddenly had more energy than I’d ever had before. I was completely healed,” she said.


Mini Chocolate Bundt Cakes made with. no grains or sugar!

She sailed smoothly into her new diet, except for one thing: sweets.


“I’ve always had a sweet tooth and enjoyed baked goods. I really missed them when I went gluten-free and all the gluten-free treats in stores were dry, overly sweet, and just not good,” said Sadie.


Taking matters into her own hands, she decided to start making her own gluten-free treats.

Sadie giving a cooking demo at Paleo f(x), the world's largest Paleo convention

“She had a mission – to be able to eat delicious, moist and rich desserts that were packed with things that would make her body feel good,” says Kelly.


 Describing herself as an introvert, baking is a form of meditation for Sadie.


“I get into my element when I’m in the kitchen measuring ingredients out, I prefer baking alone and then sharing my treats with family and friends."

Researching recipes for gluten-free desserts lead Sadie to the discovery of the world of paleo – a diet based around eating unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods and cutting out all grains, refined sugar and for some, dairy.


“All the paleo dessert recipes I made from the Internet were full of hearty ingredients like almond flour, coconut oil and cacao.


“I made more and more, and eventually I started concocting my own paleo recipes. 

“This lead to the creation of my blog when I was twelve,” says Sadie.


In the last four years, her blog has won coveted awards, including the Academy of Culinary Nutrition Award, and is listed on the Fittous Top 25 blogs of 2016.


Sadie, who has given talks at the Paleo Kitchen Experience and also contributes recipes to Primal Palate, hasn’t let the accolades go to her head. She’s still an ordinary teenager who loves singing and playing the guitar in her free time.


A  slice of homemade gluten-free adventure bread (topped with avocado, roasted sweet potato, broccoli sprouts, and a poached egg

But she still wants to spread the word that nobody should feel restricted by his or her diet.


“Eating healthy should be an exciting thing, not a burden. I aim to show people that they can eat well and still have the treats they want.


“To this day, all my recipes are low-sugar, high in protein and healthy fat, and super good for you - except you’d never know it!”

Sadie also has her own podcast, Jump For Joy, where she interviews  inspiring professionals about healthy living, real food, mindful movement and how they live their most joyful, fulfilled life. 

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